Affiliate Agreement Australia

Square is proud of its very low inversion rate, which we attribute to open communication with our associates. However, we reserve the right to return orders due to order cancellations, double tracking, returns, disputed charges, fraudulent or order requests, account activations and program failures as described in these Terms and Conditions. We manage affiliate marketing in which we receive funds by clicking on our affiliate program via this website Or we receive funds by selling goods or services on or via this website. We may also accept advertising and sponsorship of commercial enterprises or receive other forms of advertising compensation. This disclosure must be consistent with the Rules of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission for Marketing and Advertising, as well as all other applicable legal requirements. 1.4. If the application form is accepted by Commission Factory, the application form and these standard conditions together constitute a legally binding „agreement“ between Commission Factory and the Affiliate. If the application form is rejected, no agreement is reached. The promotion of Square via an affiliate sub-network is allowed, but you must be completely transparent as to the origin of the traffic of your sub-affiliates.

Sub-affiliate networks must ensure that all sub-affiliates promoting the program meet the program conditions outlined in this document. This includes limiting ads via toolbars, browser extensions and paid placements, such as campaigns. B pay-per click. Sub-affiliation networks must also obtain authorization before authorizing any type of coupon sub-affiliate to promote the program, and must comply with the coupon guidelines above. This model is appropriate for companies operating an „in-house“ affiliate system that, when implemented by management and not by a third-party network system. If you use self-administered software, this model is probably appropriate. You must include a disclosure statement in all pages, blogs or social media messages that post affiliate links for our affiliate program in the form of confirmation or evaluation and that are not clearly that the link is a paid advertisement. This disclosure statement must be clear and concise and stipulate that we will compensate you for your verification or approval.