Bmw Lease Agreement Tires

Vehicle leasing is an alternative to acquiring financing from dealers or banks and buying a vehicle on its own. The monthly payment for your rental agreement covers all the maintenance of your vehicle, with the exception of items such as tires. The tires of your BMW are subject to special provisions in your leasing that indicate the condition and type of tires for the vehicle. Each brand, including cheap unspeakable Chinese names, is in order, provided the tires meet the same OEM specifications (size, speed rating, run flat, if necessary, etc.) Disposal fee: BMWFS can charge $350 to enter into your lease. However, it is sometimes possible to waive this tax if you rent or buy another BMW within 6 months of the initiation of the rental. Please contact us BMWFS if you do not buy a new BMW while you return your old one. The rental contract of your BMW contains detailed paragraphs on the required condition of the car as soon as you return it to the car dealership. From the exact size of the bars and stripes to the height of the paints on the windows of the vehicle, the BMW dealer is tested when returning the vehicle. In your rental agreement, there is a paragraph that explains the vehicle`s tyre requirements. Check this paragraph carefully. As a general rule, bmw only needs you to replace your vehicle`s tires for leasing with a set of BMW-certified tires. The seller of tires is not limited. However, if you return the car to the car with unlicensed tires, the dealer will replace the tires with its own inventory at retail prices.

If you are replacing the tires, please know that if your vehicle was initially equipped with flat tires, your vehicle should be returned with flat tires. Otherwise, the additional leasing costs will be assessed with all tires that do not have the same size, quality and speed as your original tires. Also, acceptable wear is a minimum depth of eight inches of the thinnest tread. Your Ding-O-Meter can help you find out if your tire is covered by our guidelines or not. Simply place the Ding-O-meter in the thinnest part of the tread that does not stand on the wear bar, if you can`t see the blue line after placing it in the thinnest part of the tread, then your tire meets the rules. Your tire may also have cuts or measuring instruments that inculant additional leasing costs. Either your BMW CENTRE or a foreign inspector will provide you with a final and more accurate measurement. This way, you can determine if you will be charged the fee.

Planning for my BMW in feb, does anyone know if I`m replacing my tires with the exact model and the Run Flat brand that came up with (Turanza 275/40R18), or can I just replace it with any brand of run flats? Conventional tires do not work and will cost more. The penalty for violating the clause of your BMW lease results in an additional fee at the end of the lease. The fee depends on the nature of the violation, but is indicated in the contract. If z.B. one of your tires does not match the others, BMW may charge the price of a replacement tire, the work costs for the replacement and additional fees for the breach of the rental contract. You need: All keys, owner manual, vehicle registration, photo ID and all OEM devices. If your lease is a plug-in vehicle, be sure to inform your final inspector the lease that you have the cables at home. BMW indicates that the tires reach a certain depth of profile when you return your leased vehicle at the end of your contract to the car dealership.

All tires, including spare parts, must have a profile depth of about 1/8 inch or more before you can return the vehicle. Deformed, deformed or damaged tires break the terms of your lease. Finally, contact your BMW financial services provider at 1-800-959-4269 to let them know that you have returned your BMW to your BMW Center.