Free Lease Agreement Maine

The Maine Standard Residential Lease Agreement is an official document that outlines the conditions that the landlord and tenants want to meet with respect to renting an apartment, a house or a room. Once the landlord and tenant have signed the rental agreement, the landlord asks the tenant for a deposit. This is a form of term insurance that covers costs related to property damage, missed payments and other costs for which the tenant may potentially be liable. In Maine, the landlord is investigating up to two (2) months of rent according to. 6032. Commercial Lease – Is provided by the Maine Association of Realtors for each net rental for a business-related property. Rental application – In order to correctly calculate the decision to enter into a rental agreement with a prospective tenant, a landlord must have access to information about the person to verify his or her right. The application will examine the context of the potential occupant to establish facts about their rent and employment history. As a general rule, a landowner will charge a fee to offset the costs of analyzing the applicant`s data set.

While some states do not have rules that prescribe how to assess late or in return cheque fees, Maine does so for late fees. This means that you can dictate if you calculate these fees, but the amount must be indicated in the rental agreement and the fees do not exceed the legal limits. In this case, late charges must not exceed 4% of the monthly rent and can only be charged after a delay of at least 15 days. They must not evict a tenant who is the victim of domestic violence, sexual assault or harassment. A tenant must provide a written verification of a home assault or a copy of a protective order. In the case of a tenancy agreement of less than one year, the tenant can terminate you 7 days in advance to terminate the lease. For leases of one year or more, the tenant must set a 30-day period. You can dislodge the perpetrator of domestic violence, who is a tenant, even if that tenant shares the unit with the victim as long as the victim is not evicted.

On-premises smoke policy (No. 14-6030-E) – Smoking policy within the boundaries of a unit, building, property or designated areas must be fixed to the tenant upon approval of the lease. Each tenant must give written instructions that contain specifics for smoking on the site. Under the Servicemembers Relief Act, a tenant who is a member of the U.S. Armed Forces, including one of the uniformed services, may terminate a fixed-term tenancy agreement if the tenant receives intervention orders to move more than 900 miles from the premises or must live in a barracks or other government-provided residence. The tenant must provide a copy of the orders or at least a written statement from the commander. The tenant must give 30 days and has no other obligations under the tenancy agreement as long as the rent is paid for the final tenancy period. Rent application – a tenant`s verification form before signing a rental agreement to ensure that their job, income, credit, background and all references ensure that the person is a valid tenant. Maine residential tenancy contracts exist in two different types when they are to be used for the rental of premises as apartments. If written, it is a private leasing contract in Maine. The other type concerns oral agreements, also known as leases or leases.

Although landlords in Maine generally have the same responsibilities towards their tenants, regardless of the type of rental agreement, there are some differences regarding termination notifications, restitution of your deposit and other issues.