Kone Elevator Agreement

KONE is a global provider of vertical transportation products and modernization services. KONE specializes in elevators, escalators, mobile walks and ramps. They design, manufacture, install and offer modernization, maintenance and repair services. The task of KONE service technicians is to make sure that your elevators and escalators operate smoothly and reliably. 24. REMEDIES. If, at any time (a) the seller does not provide the materials, equipment and other things he needs in sufficient quantity and quality to meet his obligations in this framework with the capabilities, compliance, speed and care required; or b) if a warranty, condition or other condition is not met in that order, the buyer has all the rights of an aggrieved buyer under the Illinois Commercial Code or other applicable laws. In addition to all other rights and remedies or in other agreements between the parties, the purchaser, depending on the appropriateness of the seller and forty-eight (48) hours during which it is possible to heal, has the right to exercise, at his sole discretion, one or more of the following remedies: (i) ask the seller to rectify or replace the same thing without delay at the seller`s expense; (ii) attempt to remedy the delay by any means that the purchaser deems necessary or reasonable, including, but not limited to rectification, implementation, delivery or any other part of the goods by himself or others, and to deduct or deduct costs (plus a 15 per cent (15 per cent) indemnance these fees) from all funds due or due to the seller; (iii) recover from the seller all payments, direct or consecutive, effectively liquidated or liquidated, as well as all reasonable legal and legal expenses incurred or incurred by the purchaser as a result of or as a result of the seller`s delay; or (iv) cancel all or part of this order. If the buyer decides to terminate the contract, the buyer must hold all the goods affected by the cancellation at the seller`s risk that must be sold in accordance with the applicable law and the seller refunds all payments made as a result of the cancelled merchandise.