Mam Account Agreement

The software is ideal for traders or fund managers who use expert consultants (EAs) and improves the functionality of the MetaTrader 4 platform by managing multiple accounts from a simple interface. Block commands can be executed with one click from the master account with pre-defined assignment methods. Thousands of accounts can be exchanged with 1 click and virtually no additional latency. The business activity of the money manager is reflected in the master account. Investor accounts, also known as slave accounts, receive a proportional share of trades according to distribution rules – free margin, balance or equity regardless of the origin of the trading, z.B. FIX, MT4 trading terminal, MT4 Multi-Terminal, etc. Investor entry and withdrawal transactions are automatically reflected in the main account. 2.4. When creating a MAM account and transferring the principal from the officer to the account, a manager must determine whether his or her account is public or private: 6.6. In cases where the money has been debited from the investor`s temporary account, but the deposit requirement has not been generated for any reason, it is generated on the next rollover as soon as normal service has been restored. d.

The manager did not respond to requests in his personal thread in the business forum on time. The manager is notified in advance of the liquidation of the account. B. There are suspicions of fraud. The manager is notified in advance of the liquidation of the account. – Investor transfers and the manager take responsibility for providing advice on the investor`s open investor trading account in the company (hereafter the „investor management account“); 6.1. An application must be filed into the client account in the Company`s system and then paid into an investment account. 6.3. The filing of the filing request sets the time for the application to be completed. The requirement will be executed at the next appropriate active rollover. Deposit requirements are processed every hour, with the exception of rollover at 00:00 EET, taking into account the rollover threshold set by the manager. 2.4.2.

Private mam and copy-trading accounts cannot be converted into public accounts at a later date without the company`s express permission. 13.3. The MAM account manager and his investors assume financial responsibility for the negative equity generated on a MAM account in direct proportion to their share of the MAM account. 1.4. Only the manager can carry out commercial transactions on the mam and copy-trading accounts and the client fully acknowledges in this regard that he gives up this control over trades after the end of the transfer. trade at the account level with partial closing option (including account level) v. if there is not enough activity in the discussion lethread of the account on the forum or in the „Discussion“ tab on the account page in the „INVESTMENTS“ section of the business system; Multi Account Manager (MAM) was designed for the business of money managers. It is an integrated software system essential for the rapid one-click block order trading under a master account that easily automates trading assignments on multiple investor accounts.