Non Disclosure Agreement Twitter

By tapping into the Twitter API or accessing Twitter content, you must follow ALL Twitter policies. These include this development policy, automation rules, display requirements, restricted usage API rules, Twitter rules, Twitter brand resources, Periscope community policies and Periscope brand policies, as well as any other agreement you enter into with Twitter regarding the use of the Twitter or twitter API, including, but not limited to the development agreement or license agreement or license order (if applicable). You must also comply with all changes to these policies and any new guidelines issued by Twitter. It is your responsibility to monitor the use of your service and to organize your service in such a way as to prevent violations of the Twitter directive by the people who use it. Otherwise, access to your API and Twitter content may be blocked or interrupted. Twitter offers photo hosting for some image downloads (z.B images) as well as Twitter account profile pictures and headers. Twitter, however, is not the only photo provider for images that may appear on the Twitter platform. More information about publishing photos on Twitter. This Developer Directive contains rules and policies for developers who interact with the Twitter ecosystem of apps, services, websites, websites and content. It is part of your contract with Twitter regarding the access and use of Twitter`s API and Twitter content (either as part of the development agreement or another written agreement with Twitter). Violations of the directive are considered violations of your agreement. This directive may be amended from time to time without notice. The wholesale terms that are used in this directive and which are not defined in this directive have the corresponding meanings attributed to them in the development agreement or in the master licence agreement.

All legal requests, including retention, account information requests (routine and emergency) and requests for content removal can be sent via Twitter`s „Legal Request Submissions“ website, available on: or Pre-verification A Twitter agent first verifies the legal application to determine if it meets the applicable legal requirements. If the requirement meets all relevant legal requirements, a Twitter agent will check the account or notified tweets to verify that the request is intended to restrict or cool freedom of expression; other political concerns expressed by Twitter (for example. B journalists` accounts, audited accounts or accounts containing political speeches); or raises practical or technical issues (for example. B the account or content in question is no longer available). During this step, Twitter may request additional context from the advertiser before it considers disclosure or action on behalf of the account or withdraws the application completely due to various circumstances (e.g.B. Underlying infringement type, request is broader, request has no signature required, content request with incorrect legal procedure). In the event of an emergency, which results in a risk of death or serious injury to a person who may have information from Twitter, law enforcement officers can submit an emergency information request via our legal submission site (the fastest and most effective method). If you`re posting Twitter content offline, you need to keep it up to date with the current status of that content on Twitter. In particular, you should delete or edit any content you have when it is deleted or edited on Twitter. This should be done as soon as possible or within 24 hours of receiving a request from Twitter or the Twitter account holder or, otherwise, as required by your agreement with Twitter or applicable legislation.

This must be done, unless it is prohibited by law, and only then with the express written permission of Twitter.