What Is An Airtime Agreement

If a broadcast contract is terminated and material has been delivered, Simply Mobile (NI) Ltd. reserves the right to personally track it against the cost of the material provided. we are not doing something fundamental that we should have done under this agreement (for example.B. if the network broke down completely for seven days because of what we did), within seven days, if you asked us in writing; we tell you that there will be an increase in line rent than the increase in the retail price index (percentage) since the last increase in the rent line and you write to us before the increase applies; We increase your fees in the UK, which will result in an increase of more than 10% in your call and use rights (depending on your use the previous month), and you will write to us before the increase applies; or we amend this agreement to your considerable disadvantage, including modifying or revoking services (we will tell you if this is the case) and you will write to us within one month to inform you of the change. This does not apply if the change relates to services that you can terminate without us terminating that contract. If the contract expires before the minimum deadline expires, you must also pay the line rental fee for the remainder of the minimum period (depending on a discount for prepayment). When we update your mobile devices, you will need to enter into a new agreement for a new minimum period. 1.1 The customer (as defined in paragraph 1.2 below) understands that he must enter into two separate agreements for the receipt of devices/services (as defined in paragraph 1.2 below) and Airtime Services (as defined in paragraph 1.2 below). Behold: If your SIM card or mobile SIM equipment is lost or stolen, you should inform us as soon as possible so that we can avoid any further use of this card. You have to pay for all the fees due until you send it to us. You must also continue to pay the line rental fee until the end of this contract in accordance with Clause 2 or 11.

6.2.3 using this amount to relieve congestion for the service provider of the network concerned for the termination of the previous broadcast contract, subject to payment of a copy of the corresponding invoice of that network/service provider, made available to the customer by the customer. 8.2 As part of this agreement, Simply Mobile (NI) Ltd. is not liable, unless otherwise indicated, for bodily harm, death, loss or damage of any kind (except death or bodily harm due to negligence of Simply Mobile (NI) Ltd.), synonymous with consequence or otherwise, but not limited to loss of profit, pure economic loss, loss of activity and depletion or commercial or commercial value. 8.1 Subject to paragraph 7, if the customer terminates the contract before the minimum deadline expires, Savincom reserves the right to fully recover all cash incentives or subsidies, including termination fees, goodwill credits, Airtime credits, cash back and all value of equipment issued with a Tech fund. Payment is due within 14 days of termination, depending on the previous period. Any increase in the price of your plan for the duration of your contract will continue after the end of your contract.