What Is Service Agreement In Sap

If you use standard service products that are configurable or configured, you can use the special tariff features for these products. You can create. B sets of conditions for certain characteristic values. In addition, you can make pricing dependent Weiterlesen

Unsolicited Agreement Definition

5.15 The Committee considers it important that the bill address the areas of unsolicited agreements with consumers, in which merchants have actually attempted to reach an agreement with consumers in order to circumvent consumer protection. She is concerned that Weiterlesen

Tying Agreement Antitrust

Certain types of commitments, particularly contractual ones, have been considered anti-competitive practices in the past. The basic idea is that consumers are harmed by forcing them to buy an unwanted good (the linked property) to buy a property they Weiterlesen

Trade Agent Agreement

Draft proposal: „As a local representative, the sales agent takes over the exclusive agency for the contractor in the territory of the contract … . The client does not have the right to appoint additional commercial agents for this Weiterlesen