Apprenticeship Agreement Between Training Provider And Employer

12.1. Subject to item 12.3, the ESFA assumes no responsibility for the direct or indirect consequences that may result from the actions and/or omissions of the employer or employer related to this agreement or its respective obligations to third parties, including, but not only, a service contract between the employer and a training provider. This is a legal requirement and constitutes an employment contract between the apprentice and the employer. Apprentices under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian signed on their behalf. An apprenticeship contract will provide details on the terms of employment, working conditions and the apprenticeship program itself. Both the employer and the apprentice receive a copy of the retaining agreement. Training: the implementation of the training and evaluation of the programme and, if necessary, the evaluation of the ends by the training provider and, if necessary, the organisation of evaluation of the ends of the course for one or more apprentices. 9.3. The employer acknowledges that under FOIA and EIFE, the ESFA may be required to disclose information without consultation or agreement from the employer. EAS takes appropriate steps to notify the employer of a request for information to the extent that it is admissible and reasonably feasible. Nevertheless, and independently of the other provisions of this agreement, EESA is, at its sole discretion, responsible for determining, at its sole discretion, whether the information is exempt from advertising in accordance with FOIA and/or EIT companies. Achievement Training Ltd. will establish a unique apprenticeship agreement for all apprenticeship programs.

A copy of this agreement is sent to the employer within 6 weeks of the start of the training. If changes are made to this agreement, a new copy is sent to the employer within 6 weeks of the change. 5.1.3. support and cooperate with the training provider and/or training assessment body to enable them to deliver training in accordance with funding rules and the service contract between the employer and the training provider; Training contract: an apprenticeship contract between an employer and an apprentice, either in accordance with apprenticeship, skills, children and apprenticeship 2009, sections 32 to 36 (for the framework) or section A1 (for standards – an approved English apprenticeship contract).