Bcpsea Provincial Collective Agreement

Sometimes an administrator (AO) may ask an on-demand teacher to cover another class instead of having the preparation time to which the person for whom he or she was teaching was entitled. This can be distressed depending on your local collective agreement. You should inform the VSTA office that such an application has been made. If you have any doubts or questions about AO requests, you should check with the VSTA branch. Currently, the only available version of BCPSEA`s new 2019-22 collective agreement. VSTA is merging our national language with the provincial collective agreement. We will provide the aSAP version that has been reported. LOU No. 17 – Memorandum of Understanding – Schedule A – School District No. 39 (Vancouver) When CSC`s decision was made on November 10, 2016, #17 Letter of Understanding (LOU) was triggered, which meant that the parties had to meet and negotiate the restoration of our language.

Restored Language (click for download) Guide to negotiated agreements on class size and composition (click on download) In the event of a dispute, the original source documents apply. Your collective agreement is the basis of your employee-employer relationship with the school`s management. It defines that the collective agreement attempts to define all the current conditions of employment in the collective agreement of provincial and municipal affairs between the BCTF and the BCPSEA under the Labour Public Relations in Education Act, which applies to this school district.