Infosys Mysore Service Agreement

Is it imperative that I get my notarized service contract, campus mysore or I can do it elsewhere? Coz I received my notary at home:( Hello, I have my service contract in my hometown. Will there be a problem? I entered all the contents of the service agreement (all five pages including Appendix A) into stamp documents. Will there be a problem? In the service contract, I set out the date I printed it in the room for „the signing date.“ Will there be a problem? Sir, while I`m sure infosys, wants to come or just the sign is enough in the service agreement step 4) Now you`re done with your pressure from the service agreement. However, make sure you have left enough space for the signatures of COMPANY, ENGINEER and SURETY (and it is mandatory). So while the first page in two parts in the tampons, be sure to copy and paste the signatures Thanks so much for the information Admin.I I`m clear that we have as an „engineer“ on all documents at the time of NOTARY On DOJi just a little doubt, „Can we come all alone to join DOJ with all the service contracts printed on the stamped papers and signed by „Surety (Parent/Guardian“? What should be the date on the service agreement, as I was selected in 2017-18 or is it the year 2018-19, I can prepare my service contract 2 months in advance Is it mandatory for trainees who join infosys on January 19 to prepare the service agreement? If you are sure that we can take the mysore signature ourselves, can the service contract be authenticated notarized before membership? Step 5) One way or another, if the company`s signature is not printed on the service contract, then the company would sign it to Mysore on the day of membership. But don`t forget to leave coins to mention signatures. I have 3 questions, please answer me. 1) You`re talking about the service agreement notary, but I don`t know how to certify notarial. Can I have authenticated it in the Infosys pune campus? 2) Is it mandatory that we have passport, I do not have a passport to do what i hv now? 3) I graduated, but I don`t have a diploma certificate as well, is it mandatory to file it on DOJ? Hello, I have an offer of letter… that they asked to reveal pan an infosys the or 30 days ago after, how to reveal it? Also share your views/comments in the comments section. 3T Service ContractFmentty and Engineer Service Contract here prohibits them from having entered into this service contract voluntarily and after fully implementing all the legal consequences of this service contract.