Non Exclusive Referral Agreement

Customer relations. During and after the term, Happily is the sole owner of all relationships established through partners between Happily and Referrals with respect to the Happily service, including all information that identifies recommendations that enter into a contract with Happily for the use of the Happily service. The terms of use, privacy policy and happily rules and procedures for The Happily service apply to these recommendations and may be amended by Happily to partners without notice, and Partner undertakes to communicate to references the nature of their relationship with Happily under the Terms of Use. 7. Full agreement. This contract constitutes the whole agreement between the parties and replaces all previous agreements, written or oral. This contract can only be amended or amended by a written document executed by the parties. All purely given assurances are contained in this contract and any understanding or presentation that is not included is neither valid nor binding. Please email this search form to All references that do not result in a sale remain the property of franchise CONSULTANT/BROKER member and FRANCHISOR cannot sell or disseminate the referral to third parties. 6. Sustainability. It was agreed that all the agreements and agreements incorporated in them are dissociable and that this contract must be interpreted as if these invalid agreements or agreements were not included. 2.

Duration and termination. This contract is concluded on the aforementioned date and will remain in effect five (5) years after that date, unless it is terminated in accordance with this agreement. If this document is not terminated, it automatically extends for an additional five (5) years, with these conditions remaining fully in effect. This contract can be terminated by both parties at thirty (30) days before the written notification. HOWEVER, FRANCHISOR undertakes to execute this contract for transfers granted to Franchisor before the end of this contract for a period of twelve (12) months after the end of this contract. FRANCHISOR also undertakes to pay the above commission on the recommendation to franchise CONSULTANT/BROKER member within 12 months of the first sale. The commission is paid at the time of the closing of the transaction. (Sale or resale of the franchise) FRANCHISOR also agrees that all franchiSOR compensation offers, in addition to the aforementioned recommendation fees, are made in writing in the form of bonuses, temporary commission increases, temporary incentive programs to the member, DEEE, AND ARE SOUMIS TO THE CONDITIONS OF THIS CONTRAT. Subject to this agreement and its terms, Happily grants the partner a free, non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable license („licence“) for the marketing and distribution of the Happily Recommendations service, as well as for the use of The Happily Brands provided by Happily and mentioned in Exhibit A („Licensed Brands“), as they may be modified from time to time) and associated documents, languages or code for the sole purpose of advertising for the service („) franchisor if FRANCHISOR cooperates beforehand or already with a party relating to FRANCHISOR, this relationship is not immediately communicated in writing, francHISOR and/or FRANCHI CONSULTANT/BROKER agree to respect and respect the terms of this contract, regardless of this previous relationship or This is the case with the sale and sale. The purpose of this provision is to ensure that FRANCHISOR and FRANCHISE CONSULTANT/BROKER understand and recognize that this referral agreement applies to the processing of a transaction independently of past relationships or work performed, unless between the parties who have agreed in writing between the parties who have agreed in writing the FRANCHI CONSULTANT/BROKER member to cover all costs incurred for issuing references and there is no representation that FRANCHISOR is responsible or responsible in any way for these expenses, and that this contract should not be construed as giving the FRANCHISE CONSULTANT/BROKER member the power to spend these expenses in connection with these expenses.