Trade Agent Agreement

Draft proposal: „As a local representative, the sales agent takes over the exclusive agency for the contractor in the territory of the contract … . The client does not have the right to appoint additional commercial agents for this territory or to acquire himself or through manatorial clients in this contractual territory.“ The sales agent negotiates/closes sales operations in the territory assigned to him on behalf of the client. In this context, he defends the interests of the client with the diligence of a prudent businessman and does his best to increase and increase the proceeds of the sale. It maintains commercial relations with interested parties and systematically develops them. The agent is not/is not an authorized group representative. Legal provisions: „The commercial agent may only demand reimbursement of costs incurred in connection with the ordinary activity if it is commercial.“ Both the text chosen in the text and the alternative can only be introduced in a legally binding manner if the two contracting parties are traders within the meaning of paragraphs 1 and 2 of the HGB. If one of the parties is not a merchant, the competent court is subject to the Code of Civil Procedure; The diverging agreements on the places of jurisdiction are then null and void. The Chamber proposes a number of gentlemen`s or formal agreements for agents and distributors up to confidentiality agreements, etc. The sales agent has the right to enter into contracts with employeed sub-agents or professional travellers whom he wishes to use to fulfill his contractual obligations as enforcement assistants.

[17] This provision is only required in contracts in which the commercial agent has an exclusive agency (see point 1 of the treaty; see note 3) The commercial agent assumes the representation[2] of the contracting entity in the territory of the contract. As a local agent. The right of the awarding entity to exercise itself or through third parties in that territory is not affected. [3] The precise delimitation of this territory is determined by the extract of the map attached to this contract as an annex (annex …) [4].