What Is Service Agreement In Sap

If you use standard service products that are configurable or configured, you can use the special tariff features for these products. You can create. B sets of conditions for certain characteristic values. In addition, you can make pricing dependent on certain configurations. For more information, please see the terms of variants in the distribution. IBase management must be written with service transactions such as the service contract and service requirement. In the service contract, it represents the items for which your company has agreed to provide services. IBase is managed in a structure structure with a header node that presents IBase and components as different sub-nodes. IBase Management provides the following IBase components. Below can be used as an individual post for a service item: A value contract is a contractual contract with a customer that contains the materials and/or services it can receive within a time frame and up to a face value. A value contract may contain certain materials or a group of materials (product hierarchy, range module). Service commands in SAP CRM can be created via different channels such as IC WebClient UI, Web Channel (ICSS) and mobile device. It is possible to establish a service contract as a follow-up document to the service agreement or service contract.

It is made of head and article. Items in a service contract may be found in the product hierarchy of the tree structure. The resource planning application is used by resource planners to send the service contract to service technicians. It also supports the management and analysis of service personnel data (service technician). In the form of a reference object, IBase (components), objects or products can be entered into the service at the head or item level. Depending on the main reference object entered in the service order, the list of products relevant to the command positions appears. This feature is called product proposal. For pricing, a CRM pricing method could be used to calculate the price based on the conditions set for calculating discounts and surcharges for a given item.