Roll Over Enterprise Agreement

An application to the Commission for authorisation to amend an undertaking agreement must contain the following documents: a provision relating to no additional rights in an undertaking agreement may not deprive the employer of the possibility of requiring the agreement of the employees in order to amend that undertaking agreement. [1] After all the work it takes to get a company agreement to the authorization phase, including months or even years of negotiations and then getting the agreement of employees, it is devastating to see a company agreement denied at the last hurdle. It can also have a negative impact on staff credibility. That`s why we recommend that employers who currently wish to design or negotiate a company agreement contact Russell Kennedy`s Labour Relations, Employment and Security team to ensure that the company agreement will not suffer the same fate as McNab`s. Our team has extensive experience in assisting employers in the development and negotiation of company agreements, in compliance with the stages of prior authorisation and in submitting detailed applications to the Fair Work Commission to support the approval process. On the basis of this decision, it would appear that in the event of substantial changes from one industrial instrument to another, the Commission expects that, during the period of access, written documents will be made available to workers comparing the current industrial instrument with the proposed company agreement, so that workers can understand its full effect. In addition, such material must be made available to the Commission during the tendering procedure.