Team Agreement En Francais

Before the home matches, the national team trains at the Inf Clairefontaine Akademie in Clairefontaine-en-Yvelines. Clairefontaine is the national football centre and is one of the country`s 12 elite academies. Inaugurated in 1976 by former FFF president Fernand Sastre, the centre was inaugurated in 1988. The center attracted media spotlight after being used as a base camp by the team that won the 1998 World Cup. France play their home games at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis, Île-de-France, and their coach is Didier Deschamps. They have won two FIFA World Championships, two UEFA European Championships, two FIFA Confederations Cups and an Olympic tournament. France has enjoyed much of its success in four major eras: in the 1950s, 1980s, late 1990s-early 2000s and mid/late 2010s, which gave rise to many great tributes. France was one of four European teams that participated in the first World Cup in 1930 and, although they were eliminated six times in the qualifying phase, is one of two teams that played in each cycle of the World Cup, the other being Brazil. If the duration of your internship exceeds three months, the agreement must be sent to the French authorities by your French company or by the training organization in which you participate. Otherwise, the association that taught your internship/training. You must attach this validated agreement to your visa application. The French team uses a tricolor system composed of blue, white and red.

The three colors of the team come from the French national flag, the tricolor.